Designer Series Knife Edge: 'Roberta'

Manufacturer: Gingher
Product Code:GDS3297
RRP: $99.95
Yours Today: $ 89.95

The Gingher Designer Series are a one-off, limited edition design. They feature handles decorated with a stylish floral print by Simonetta Pavoni. Once a particular edition has been released, the design is not reproduced again. It is only available for a limited period of time before a new design is released. Consequently, these scissors are rapidly becoming a true collectable. High quality and elegant, the Gingher Designer Series 4 inch embroidery scissors come with a leather tip cover to protect the blades when not in use. The Designer Series embroidery scissors are en essential for any collector.

The ‘Roberta’ design invokes memories of blossom-filled blue sky days that you want to last forever, and that you can now enjoy each time you use these beautifully crafted scissors.

RRP $99.95


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