Nickle Duckbill

Manufacturer: Premax
Product Code:F17830600
RRP: $59.95
Yours Today: $ 49.95

These are a traditionally drop forged style of Duckbill scissors made by the expert bladesmiths of Northern Italy. They are 6 inches in size and have a gold plated finish on their handles with nickel plating on the duckbill. The most asked question we receive at craft shows is ‘What are those scissors with the bill used for?’ Well, they are perfect for any sort of appliqué. They are also ideal for any other situation where you want to cut up close to a second layer of fabric or lace, such as in lace-making or for lingerie making. The bill acts as a rest steadying the point of the scissors allowing it to slide easily while holding the bottom layer of fabric down so it can’t get cut. They’re great also for double seams or where you could use extra help in cutting carefully. A most handy addition to any sewing box.

RRP $59.95


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